White Color PP Woven Plain Bag


Material: 100% virgin PP

Color: White, red, yellow or as per customer’s requirements

Printing: (1)Coating & Plain bags: Max. 4 colors

Width: 30-400cm

Length: As per customer’s requirements

Mesh: 7*7-14*14

Denier: 650D-2000D

GSM: 40gsm-250gsm

Top: Heat Cut, cold cut, zig-zag cut or hemmed

Bottom: (1)Single fold and single stitched

(2)Double fold and single stitched

(3)Double fold and double stitched

Treatment: (1)UV treated or as per customer’s requirements

(2)With gusset or as per customer’s requirements

(3)With PE liner or as per customer’s requirements

White Color PP Woven Plain Bag

Our Polypropylene woven bag is a plastic woven bag primarily made of virgin polypropylene. It is widely used for material packing for agriculture and industrial application.

PP Woven Bag have the advantages of lighter weight, economy, higher strength, and easy to customize. Their demand has exponentially risen in recent times. We manufacture and supply custom designed PP Woven Plain Bag and PP woven sacks for customised size, type and colors as per customer’s required specifications.

Woven PP bags can be laminated with a polypropylene coating, inside or outside, giving an added barrier to moisture and product leakage. This does not hinder Easy-Open and Re-Closure options.

Bags can also be UV stabilized for a longer lifespan when exposed to sunlight. (Please note that UV stabilization improves the lifecycle and performance of the bag when exposed to direct sunlight, however it does not make the bag sun-proof for an indefinite amount of time).


  • Fabric weight from 65 gsm to 200 gsm
  • Extrusion coated and uncoated versions
  • 10 x 10, 10 x 8, 12 x 12 and 14 x 14 weave construction
  • Multi-color printing
  • Ultraviolet (UV) protection

There are several variations with White Color PP Woven Plain Bag , however, these are generally available in Flat-Form (pillow shape), Tucked Bottom, or Gusseted (brick-shape) Bags. They can be open mouth hemmed top (eliminating fraying & providing reinforcement for bag closing) with a single fold & chain-stitched bottom seam, or alternatively with heat cut tops, double folding and /or twice-sewn bottoms.



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